Fortress Restaurant Kamu! – joy, friendship and delicious food!

Under the arches of the casemate in the historic Hamina Bastion, Fortress Restaurant Kamu! was born of friendship and love –  friendship between people and love of good food, drink, and atmosphere.

Fortress Restaurant Kamu! lives up to its name. The word kamu means pal or buddy, and the pals who set up the restaurant work together with professional restaurateurs to serve great food to our customers.  It is their pleasure to serve you with all their heart and at a leisurely pace – changing the world and breaking down barriers between people, one dish at a time.

More space for friendship

Kamu!’s story began with the pop-up restaurant Salute Gli Amici!, which served delicious food at the Hamina Tattoo International Military Music Festival in 2012. The pals behind the pop-up made the leap to continue this success story of friendship with their own restaurant in the heart of Hamina. 

The restaurant, with of its philosophy of friendship, delicious food and events, was so popular that it was absolutely packed. So, in the autumn of 2016, Kamu! moved to the historic vaults of the casemate in Hamina Bastion. Now Hamina has even more space to friendship!

Let’s have fun and change the world!

The inspiration for Fortress Restaurant Kamu! was a Roman trattoria which is based on the same philosophy of friendship. The theologian and writer Jaakko Heinimäki brought the concept to Finland. The people behind Kamu! in Hamina were the first in Finland to take this idea and run with it. Now Heinimäki is Fortress Restaurant Kamu!’s greatest friend, Don Kamu. Other patrons include the writer Sofi Oksanen, the chair of the Friends of Tea Association, Pirkko Arstila, and master builder Jussi Yrjönen, a Hamina local.

Good food, a great atmosphere, leisureliness and friendship. Fortress Restaurant Kamu! is all these things! In the words of the Declaration of Friendship drawn up by the original Roman trattoria:

“Our great hope is to have fun and change the world.
Let us begin with our own hometown.

Let us build a city without barriers and walls, 
together with the people who listen to each other,
because there is no hurry.

It is a friendly city, 
a city of friends.
Long live friendship!”