Sibeliuskatu 32
49400 Hamina
+358 44 728 0175

Opening hours
Mon-Thurs 7 am–9 pm
Fri 7 am–10 pm
Sat 8 am-10 pm
Su 8 am -5 pm

Spahotel Hamina


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For the love of friends, food and drink

Friends, pals, buddies: Kamu! has hit town!

Kamu! serves delicious food lovingly and leisurely – for the love of good food, drink, atmosphere and good friends.

Kamu! will serve breakfast for you and your friends, cook an unhurried lunch in the middle of the working day and put on a happy dinner for even a large group of friends. Kamu! always flavours its food with a dash of love and serves a hefty portion of friendship. 

On its à la carte menu, Kamu! favours local seasonal food and organic delights. Specially selected wines and beers complement the culinary enjoyment. With its succulent selection of coffees and teas, Kamu! will caress your coffee palate and offer tea-lovers aromatic moments to wallow in their senses.

Dear Friends, come and enjoy.

A big kiss from us buddies!

Kamu! moving in August

Kamu! will serve its delights at its current location until 7 August. After that, we will be moving to mysterious, historic casemate vaults of Hamina Bastion. The wonderful new Fortress Restaurant Kamu! will open for business on 19 August, just a stone’s throw from the City Hall.


Fortress Restaurant Kamu! is a restaurant for everyone, and can be reached conveniently and easily by car right to the door. There’s plenty of parking space at Bastion. Fortress Restaurant Kamu! will be a place full of atmosphere and possibilities, when you get hungry or feel like partying!


Fortress Restaurant Kamu! will continue Kamu!'s renowned story even more strongly and just as authentically – carried on by friendship!



Kamu! lunches, if you please!

Monday - Friday 11 am – 2 pm


Asparagus Soup L, G
Meat Loaf L
Chicken w/Pesto L, G
Fruit Salad L, G



Spinach Soup L, G
Oven Baked Sausage L
Salmon Lasagna L
Blueberry Cream M, G



Vegetable Soup L, G
Spicy Kebab Sauce L
Curry Chicken L, G
Strawberry Quark L, G



Peasoup L, G
Salmon L, G
Sauteed Elk M, G
Pancake and jam L



Soup w/Shrimps L, G
Burgundy Sauce L, G
Pizza w/BBQ-chicken L 
Mochamousse L, G